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“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” ~ Albert Einstein

Daniel S., College Professor

I have dedicated my life to personal improvement from reading books, to attending seminars, to having one-on-one conversations with Tony Robbins himself. I believe that I have struck life coach gold in meeting Karen Weatherford. She is brilliant, poignant, inquisitive, professional, and best of all… funny. She can strike at the heart of any issue or problem with speed and care. I feel that my life has tremendously improved with her help. I have overcome challenges that I wouldn’t have even considered facing if she was not an important part of my life.

Kathy C., College Professor

Karen’s wisdom, courage, insight, supportive nature, reliability and cheerful outlook work together seamlessly to bring out the very best in people. With an amazing balance of precision and grace, she zeros in on blocks to personal progress and guides to a place of empowerment. Each professional colleague I have referred to her has experienced insights about themselves and their behaviors that give them clarity to move in a positive direction. I have seen a change in these colleagues in terms of the way they approach work and personal challenges. They call on the tools Karen empowered them with to create practical solutions.

Michael W., President Director, Asian Leadership Centre, Singapore/Jakarta

Karen has been my Executive Coach since 2012.  We worked together on leadership, business and personal areas. I have been amazed by the ways she has supported me. She is warm and empathetic, and yet her very clear and challenging approach helps me to think, understand and move to the next level. My work with Karen has created some major breakthroughs and I highly recommend her as coach.

Barbara R., Multi-talented Professional

I was stuck with a messy disorganized office and felt hopeless about it. There were serious consequences to my disorganization and procrastination. Karen tapped into my inner spirit and energy I thought I had lost. She guided me to believe that my ability to be organized and efficient was still within me. Consequently, I no longer felt hopeless and was able to take steps to renovate my space and set up an organizational system that works just for my style. And, now having worked through this issue, I can apply what I have learned about myself to other issues in my life on my own. I'm on a roll.

Rena H., College Professor 

Our conversations were collaborations... problem solving... brainstorming sessions to meet my individual needs. Karen is a coach, a guide, a teacher, and she knows where to look for those resources that may hold the answer. She wholeheartedly offers nudges, but I know it is up to me to steer my way forward. She has a way of listening so deeply, she seems to hear what I am not saying. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Kellie B., Multi-talented Professional

Karen’s kindness and compassion quickly allow a client to feel at ease and be transparent. I am amazed at how she gleans meaning from random reflections or observations on my part. Her insightful questions leave me re-visiting long held views, allowing me to face challenges in a new, more positive and creative way. She has given me permission to be good to myself, encouraged me, and given me hope. I am thankful for her special gifts. Karen is a true professional, a “gem” in the personal coaching profession.

Parent of a High School Junior

Karen has such a wonderful way of communicating with teenagers and getting them to open up. Since our son has begun to work with her, we have seen a noticeable difference in his ability to prioritize and stay focused on the "important" things. The stress level in our home, with a teenager, has also been significantly reduced.

High School Junior

With Mrs. Weatherford's help, I have realized what it takes to get into college. Also, she has helped me figure out what type of school I want to go to. Together we have talked about what is needed for each college, SAT's and ACT's, and even things in my personal life. I really enjoy the time that we spend together.

High School Senior

Our conversations changed my view of what college is and how I can grow in the short and long term.  I really feel prepared and am anxious to start my college career.  I can't thank you enough.

High School Senior

Your insight truly did help me understand how to have a competitive application and the steps I need to take.

Robert R., Writer

Karen Weatherford has a unique gift, a wonderful ability to listen without judgment and reframe past obstacles into opportunities. She also has a special perspective on life, envisioning beauty and opportunity where others see difficulties and strife. I highly recommend her life coaching and would not hesitate to contact her again in the future.

Salona C., Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

Karen brings such a depth of wisdom and compassion and clear power to the coaching experience.  As a result of working with her, I have created more clarity and boundaries around my finances.  She has also really challenged me in new ways to build my business from a place of authentic power and love, rather than pressure and force.  No matter what I bring to my sessions, Karen is full of wonderfully helpful insights that always move me forward.

Mandy G., ND, LMT, CM

It is great to have someone rooting for you through the peaks and valleys of accomplishment.  Karen is dedicated to helping her clients reach their individual goals. She goes above and beyond to help each articulate, formulate and achieve their potential.  Karen is a true healer and a wonderful guide.

Jean B., Online Marketing Consultant/Business Owner

"Empowering" is the best word to decribe my journey with Karen. She challenges me with questions no one has ever thought to ask me.  This allows me to change course and break through towards action.  I have grown personally and professionally.  This does not happen overnight, yet she has the ability to create the most incredible process for me to see through the brain chatter and clutter to manifest my goals.