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"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people." ~ Victor Borge

Life Experience

I began coaching in 1996. Originally I worked with professionals to market themselves through ‘word of mouth’ marketing. The ability to effectively represent oneself is dependent on understanding and communicating who you are. This began my journey to assist others in this process. Since that time I have gained valuable life experience and training that has brought me full circle back to coaching. My professional life beyond coaching is grounded in higher education. I worked for 13 years in college admissions and financial aid, guiding students and professionals through the process of self-assessment and achievement. Additional positions honed my skills as a workshop facilitator/trainer/group coach, speaker, interviewer and marketer.

A central Floridian with my husband of 30 years and two sons, I seek to lead a life with honesty and purpose. Renewal and inspiration comes from a myriad of creative mediums, adventures and my tribe of loved ones. Faith and spirituality are my source, comfort and guide. As a result, I fully honor and respect others on their own spiritual path.

In the summer of 2014, I broke my back and tapped into a miriad of breathing, energy, healing and spiritual practices as I recovered.  I integrate this experience in ways not present before.  My boundaries fell into fertile soil.

Living in Florida feeds my love of nature and water. Where possible, I meet and celebrate with my clients in this beauty. I share this with you because the coaching relationship is personal and our outpourings begin with where we’ve been and who we are.


  • Sociology & Business - Rollins College, BA
  • Certified Coach Credential - ICF, ACC
  • C-IQ - Conversational Intelligence, Enhanced Practitioner 



  • Coaching Training - CEG & CUG - Coach U              
  • Mediated Learning - FIE 
  • Right Use of Power
  • Shalom Inclusion Training
  • World Business Executive Coach Training
  • DISC
  • Narrative Coaching (Enhanced Practitioner training in progress)

Coach U upholds the highest standards in the coaching profession and has trained over 30,000 coaches in 61 countries.



  • The Center for Natural & Integrative Health
  • Esteemed Human Development International
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • International Coaching Federation member

Current Community Engagement

  • Circles, Building Community to End Poverty
  • COPE, Cost of Poverty Experience simulation
  • Point in Time, Annual Homeless Population Count
  • Inclusion and Social Justice for All,  St. Luke's UMC
  • SIS-Sister in Spirit, Women Promoting Interfaith Friendships