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Services and Fees

“I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”
~ George Best

Seminars & Group Coaching

On-site and virtual group work is available.  Price is dependent upon content, location and medium for delivery. I partner with other professionals to expand the range of options available, as needed. It is standard business to collaborate with leaders to create targeted experiences.

Financial Investment

$250/group-work hour plus materials, site, and travel expenses.

Professional/Executive & Personal Coaching

I customize our work relationship to match your needs and pace.  A typical pace might include 3 to 4 sessions/month. Projects or narrow scope work may consist of a small number of sessions.  Deep shifts and sustainability happen at varying rates for each person.  Many choose to integrate this partnership into their core maintenance and continue long-term. All work includes touch base exchanges in between and are usually by phone or virtual connection.  Local clients enjoy walks and restaurant talks.... in the mix. 

Financial Investment

Sessions range from $90-$200 depending upon the nature and scope of work.

Retainer options offer a customized, extended partnership.

We get used to pushing through or protecting ourselves from what life brings. Giving ourself permission to state what exists and allow other possibilities to emerge, is a form of freedom